Emma Corrin first entranced audiences in their role as Princess Diana on Netflix’s The Crown, but there’s a lot more to the 26-year-old actor than meets the eye. While they’re not the kind of tabloid-regular celebrity who actively seeks out public attention in their private life, there’s still plenty to learn about this major talent (and Vogue cover star). Below, find five things you likely didn’t know about Corrin.

1. They once played notorious scammer Anna Delvey (sort of). 

In 2021, Corrin starred in Joseph Charlton’s Anna X, a play that, for legal reasons, was not officially based on Delvey’s prodigious exploits, but did draw on them.

2. They’re a dog person. 

Corrin adopted their dog, Spencer, in the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, and regularly brings him to set where, they say, he hangs out with the crew like an old pro. (Harry Styles has also served as Spencer’s dogsitter, NBD.)

3. Their full first name is actually Emma-Louise. 

Corrin’s Instagram displays their full name, though in regular life, they just go by “Emma.”

4. Their connecting to Princess Diana has deep roots. 

When Corrin was young, their mother, Juliette, caused several people to faint in a London café; they had mistaken Juliette for Lady Di herself. (This just so happened to take place on the day of Diana’s tragic death, which may have accounted for the fainting.)

5. When they take on a role, they commit to it—even if it requires learning several new skills. 

Corrin learned tap, jazz, and ballet in order to shine in their role as the performance-obsessed young Diana on The Crown, saying of the experience, “Learning ballet at 24 is the worst. It’s almost impossible. It’s one of those things you need to learn [as] a kid.” And yet, they persisted (and were nominated for an Emmy)!

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