These days, the old beauty diktat about women cutting their hair into a crop once they reach a certain age is rightly dismissed. Case in point: the actor Michelle Pfeiffer, who recently had her blonde hair styled into a blunt, directional lob. 

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Cut by Chris McMillan, who is also Jennifer Aniston’s longtime hairstylist, Pfeiffer’s new style is chic and minimal. With a blunt finish, it’s the kind of cut that makes a subtle statement—no styling required. 

“Sometimes just a simple blunt cut at the collar bone does the trick,” wrote McMillan on Instagram. “I always like to use the body and face shape to judge length. Sometimes keeping it simple makes a huge difference.”

With a lighter, brighter blonde through her hair, Pfeiffer’s new look is fresh, cool, and a little bit edgy. And while the 64-year-old previously sported a mid-length chop, the new style brings a certain youthful freshness to her look. It’s one to inspire your next hairstyle, whatever your age.

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