All aboard Dior.

Today, the French fashion house launches its first wellness cruise in Paris, a floating full-service spa upon the Seine that’s housed in a luxury river boat. At first, it is difficult to find—with no fixed address, a taxi will need to drop you off somewhere along the Quai de Henry in the 4th arrondissement. Then, you’ll then need to take a set of stone stairs down to the banks.

Once you do, it becomes impossible to miss. A giant photo wall with the Dior logo is set up just before the slipway, meant to encourage selfies and social media moments even before one gets on board. However, there are also more upon embarking: Toile de Jouy umbrellas shade rattan sun recliners on an expansive wood-paneled deck, which also features a mosaiced pool and a bar serving freshly blended green juices.

In the cabin below is a calming cream lounge with plush carpets so pristine you might worry about stepping on them with your shoes on. Not to worry—if you wish, an attendant will put them in a rattan box and give you a pair of Dior monogrammed slippers to wear instead.

Photo: Adrien Dirand for Parfums Christian Dior

There’s an extensive menu of services to choose from: a signature facial, called the Dior Prestige Haute Precision, involves face contouring to facilitate cellular regeneration. Another embraces Kobido massage techniques, whereas a Hydrafacial is combined with Dior Floral Peeling lotion. Meanwhile, massages range from a classic deep tissue to acupressure.

A therapist will ask you if you’d like the room (complete with Toile du Jouy treatment tables) to be dark—the standard for most wellness treatments. However, there’s also a second option that’s worth taking: leaving the curtains open so you take in the Belle Epoque architecture of Paris as the boat leisurely meanders down the Seine.

Each cruise is an hour, designed to last the length of the treatment. However, as a chef offers up espressos and homemade granola with the Eiffel Tower in the distance, there’s certainly no reason to disembark in a hurry.

The Dior Wellness Cruise will set sail until July 14.

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