It’s been a long and fallow season for the LGBTQ+ community since Che Diaz last graced our TV screens—and while we wait for the next season of And Just Like That… to hit, you can’t blame us for seeking out brand-new queer content to rewatch obsessively on TikTok and forward to our friends.

Luckily, into the ring has finally emerged a brand-new contender for “Video I Will Think About on My Deathbed.” Last month, House of the Dragon stars Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cooke were filmed doing a “getting to know you” promotional video for the show on YouTube—and to say said video is laden with “are they… y’know…” vibes is an understatement. 

But the real highlight—and the section of the video that has gone viral on TikTok, much to my delight—concerns Cooke asking D’Arcy what their drink of choice is. D’Arcy promptly responds: “A negroni. Sbagliato. With prosecco in it.” 

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Not only is this the hottest order of all time—one that effortlessly conjures up sitting outside at Long Island Bar on Henry Street with a good book, a frosty drink, and a chic little plate of cheese curds—but I simply can’t get over the way D’Arcy pronounces “sbagliato.” (For the non-Italianx readers among us, “sbagliato” roughly translates to either “wrong” or “I goofed,” while the drink itself includes the classic negroni’s Campari and sweet vermouth, just with sparkling wine instead of gin.)

Why am I so captivated by this video? I mean, obviously both actors in it are wildly charismatic and don’t seem opposed to being slightly flirtatious with each other—but ultimately, I think what really charms me is the idea of not only having a go-to drink, but making it something as complex and specific as a negroni. (Sbagliato. With prosecco in it.) For years, I’ve been ordering gin and tonics—gins and tonic?—in an effort to be easygoing, but there’s something kind of grand and wonderful about walking into a bar and requesting an ornate old-fashioned drink with a splash of European flair and expecting that it will be served to you without so much as a flinch.

Ultimately, I guess I’m in favor of two things here: 1) Queer people ordering complex yet vacation-mode-conjuring cocktails, and 2) Emma D’Arcy saying literally anything at all. (Not to get too thirsty here, but…come on.) Still, perhaps the greatest thing of all about a video like this is the way in which I know I could open a voice note and simply say the words “negroni sbagliato with prosecco in it” to at least a dozen of my queer friends, and it would mean something deeply profound to them—and frankly, I think that’s beautiful. Long live negroni sbagliato season!

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