On September 12, Vogue turned New York’s West 13th Street from a Meatpacking thoroughfare to an all-out fashion fair.

A Gucci Osteria truck doled out gourmet cookies, a Brother Vellies market stall offered up fresh produce, a Burberry high-tea cart served stylish and sippable brews, and a newsstand was lined with archival Vogues for the taking. A Ralph’s Coffee truck—the famed culinary component of Ralph Lauren—gave out soft-serve coffee ice cream and draft oat lattes, and a Moncler travel kiosk had cameras for the taking. The fantastical festivities, open to the public, were the pinnacle of Vogue World, a fashion show and celebration for the magazine’s 130th birthday.

“We really wanted to translate the energy and unique aesthetic of the Vogue World show with its iconic N.Y. street vibe—an ode to the city, its creativity, and its vibrancy,” Guillaume Troncy, CEO of production company Bureau Betak, tells Vogue.

The Vogue corner store

Acielle StyleDuMonde

The result? An immersive, fashion-filled, and festive atmosphere—one could say akin to a Vogue world.

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