By his own admission, Olivier Rousteing has an obsession with black and gold—just look at his collections for Balmain, the storied Parisian fashion house he’s helmed since 2011. So is it any surprise that, when Vogue asked the designer to name his favorite things in his Paris home for the latest episode of “Objects of Affection,” most of them abided by that very color scheme? 

Take his giant early 19th-century gilded eagle statue with an amethyst nest. “I believe in the effect of stones,” Rousteing says. “Amethyst brings you so much calm.” In his bathroom, meanwhile, are a pair of gold swan bathtub taps, which, due to their age, sometimes work and sometimes don’t. (A fact he shrugs off: “Welcome to Paris!”) Then, there’s the best gift he’s ever received: a vintage Cartier lighter from Kris and Kim Kardashian. “It keeps reminding me of the love we have together,” he says. His living room, too, is swathed in the shades, from the couches to the curtains to the pillows. “A lot of marble, a lot of velvet,” Rousteing says of his aesthetic.

He also keeps close a number of deeply personal mementos, A family photo album “reminds me of the values of love,” while a poster for Wonder Boy, a 2019 documentary that chronicles Rousteing’s search for his birth parents amid his ascent in the fashion world, serves as a powerful reminder of an emotional, yet ultimately healing, time in his life. “We didn’t know if I would find answers,” he says of the film.

Here, take a tour through Olivier Rousteing’s distinct and fascinating interior world.

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