Can you name a better trio than Helena Christensen, her bob, and a wind machine? Didn’t think so. One of the original ’90s supermodels just showed off a new haircut in the only way she knows how—with aplomb. “Once a supermodel, always a supermodel,” wrote hairstylist Harry Josh, the talent behind the razored, choppy bob, which caught gusts of wind as a smoldering Helena posed for the camera.

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After cutting off her mermaid waves in favor of a messy bob back in August, Christensen has been living life on the short side for a while now. But with every fresh new trim, there’s a chance to reinvent yourself, as the 53-year-old proves. Her new bob is blunter, choppier, full of layers, and features a flattering fringe that segues seamlessly into the rest of her cut. Styled with texture, gentle waves, and lots of healthy shine, it’s enough to give anyone hair envy. 

In an interview with Vogue this year, Helena revealed her longstanding obsession with changing her hair length: “It’s really funny because I’ve done this my whole life: grow it long, cut it short and repeat,” she said. “My hair grows very fast, which I am grateful for, but it grows pretty crazily! I can feel my hair growing outwards!” Many of us will be able to relate—getting lots of hair cut off nearly always brings on the desire for it to be long again, and vice versa. The grass is always greener, as they say. 

Christensen paired her mussed-up style with smudgy, lived-in eye makeup, a bronzed complexion, and a pinky pout created by makeup artist Soo Park. And if there’s only one lesson you take from her new look, let it be that a wind machine (or a makeshift one, like a hairdryer), is always a good idea. 

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