The word “classic” often prefaces red lipstick because it just so happens to be the best way to describe something as objectively timeless as the act of painting, drawing, or slicking a slash of crimson color across your mouth. Marilyn did it. Madonna did it. Sade did it. Rendered in a matte, satin, or glossy finish, a cherry pout looks as good with a cocktail dress as a white t-shirt and jeans—and it also happens to be an incredibly easy way to add a “festive” element to any outfit this time of year. Because red lipstick has been a centuries-spanning makeup staple, there are a number of ways to achieve it: Cleopatra was said to have crushed carmine beetles and ants to get just the right shade of scarlet, while Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez swears by the simplicity and staying power of a single swipe of liquid ruby lipstick as “the best way to really look put together.” Makeup artists overline, and blot, and powder, and layer but when it comes to getting the perfect color, texture, and finish for the holidays, when time—and patience—are at a minimum, these four easy steps should do the trick so reapplying your lipstick isn’t one of the many things on your to-do list this week.

1. Prep Your Canvas

Before even getting into color selection, consider the condition of your lips. Are they dry? Cracked? Flaking? Of course they are! It’s December, it’s freezing, and the recycled hot indoor air is almost worse for your skin than the cold air outside. Prior to applying your lipstick, administer a light lip scrub—a damp washcloth is as good a tool as any—to slough away dead skin.

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