Love is a many-splendored thing, especially when you’re gawking at it from the outside. In this column, we’ll be examining the celebrity couples that give us hope for our own romantic futures and trying to learn what we can from their well-documented bonds.

Young love is a beautiful thing: all-consuming, dizzying, and sometimes fleeting. The latest pair to succumb to its grips appears to be influencer Emma Chamberlain and musician Tucker Pillsbury, who performs under the name Role Model. After years of secrecy, the two made things official this week with a Valentine’s-Day-timed GQ article quite literally titled “This Is Emma Chamberlain and Role Model’s Hard Launch.”

In the article, Eileen Cartter writes that the pair’s relationship represents a milestone for Chamberlain: “While Emma has made a living off sharing the gnarly details of her life for years, she’s been historically private about the particulars of her romantic life. Zits and tonsil stones and IBS have always been fair game for content, but love—or the respectfully, I think about you sexually of it all—has not.” Maybe it’s weird to expect access to the personal life of someone you only really know from the internet, but I have to admit there’s something sweet about trading in your last scrap of anonymity for the chance to engage in the sweetest love of all: online celeb 4 online celeb.

I’m also a huge sucker for pandemic love stories—as wild as it seems to me that anyone actually managed to meet their person during a time when I could barely manage to wash my hair consistently—and Chamberlain and Pillsbury’s, which began via text in March 2020 and culminated in Tucker showing up on Chamberlain’s doorstep with (what else?) a vegan pizza, definitely qualifies. I also like that their first date kind of sucked, with Cartter describing how they “…played Fortnite. They did not kiss. It was a mess.” What’s more romantic than snatching a full-on relationship from the jaws of a potential mutual L?

Over on Instagram, the place where the concept of the “hard launch” began, Chamberlain has now posted proof of her dating status to her over 16 million followers—a number that both makes my jaw drop and makes me crave the experience of being a 21-year-old influencer throwing caution to the wind all over social media. (I’m guessing the reality of being a Gen Z influencer is less wild romance and more figuring out how best to attract brand partnerships, but let me dream, okay?)

Love stories that have stood the test of time, like that of the Obamas and Dr. Anthony Fauci and his wife, tend to win the most praise, but I think there’s also something to be said for the beautiful derangement of new love confident enough to announce itself publicly. Are Emma Chamberlain and Role Model destined to be together forever? Who knows, and who cares? They’re young and in love and have a whole lot of Instagram followers between them, and that’s a 2023-era romance novel I would read.

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