On Wednesday afternoon, all eyes will be on the Rue Saint Martin headquarters of Jean Paul Gaultier, where Julien Dossena will present his couture debut. In the run-up to the show, the designers sat down with Vogue for a wide-ranging discussion about freedom of expression and fashion past, present, and future. This conversation has been edited and condensed.

How’s it all going, Julien? Are you ready?

Julien Dossena: Just about everything’s in hand, the petites mains are very proactive, so once you launch an idea the toiles come together fast. I could keep going here for years, there are so many ways you could keep reinterpreting things—it’s been really fun. The exploration process is a real pleasure, but at some point you have to stop exploring and execute.

What can you tell us without giving away too much?

JD (to JPG): The first time we had lunch, we spoke about some of the shows that really left an impression on not just me but everyone. What was amazing was having a chance to work with the archives, because there’s a difference between having an idea about a collection and actually being able to touch the clothes and see their real-life allure.

Gaultier and Dossena, in the studio

Photo: Maciek Pozoga- Courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier

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