Forget the Cribs revival. Julia Fox—a woman known to go grocery shopping in her underwear and denim pantaboots—has gifted TikTok with a video tour of her two-bedroom Manhattan apartment, and it’s not a regular celebrity apartment tour, it’s a relatable celebrity apartment tour (or, as Fox would have it, an “underwhelming” one). “For me, personally, I just—I don’t like excessive displays of wealth; they make me feel icky, especially people who have really big houses,” she says, shedding some light on the demise of her relationship with Kanye. “It’s just really wasteful when there are so many homeless people in this country, and like, I just—I’m just not really like that.”

So, what is she like? Carrie Bradshaw with a toddler, apparently. Fox has dragged her bed into her living room—leaving her room to serve partly as a playroom for her two-year-old son Valentino, and partly as a wardrobe space (those conceal-and-reveal looks have to go somewhere, after all—even if it is next to your son’s tiny mint-green Vespa). “I also have shoeboxes in the kitchen, which is very common for New Yorkers,” she declares, panning over a king’s ransom worth of footwear (I spy Hermès), piled on top of a box of rainbow chalk and capped with a Gucci bucket hat. On the table next to it? A cotton candy machine—strangely enough, not mentioned on many lists of household essentials.

Where Fox and Bradshaw part ways: their approach to tackling rodents. “We do have a little, small mouse problem,” Fox muses, “but, you know, it’s a problem depending on how you look at it—I kind of let them rock. I appreciate that they, um, at night while we’re sleeping, come out and clean up the crumbs that my son drops on the floor. So, yeah, I’m not gonna evict the mice anytime soon.” 

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