Oscar-winner Julianne Moore takes a regimented approach to her beauty rituals, a methodology that began when she was young. “My mother was very fair-skinned, and she was concerned about us getting sunburned all the time; she wouldn’t even let us go outside at the beach until after three o’clock, and we could only stay for a little while,” she recounts. And so, the 62-year-old star has long made sure to be diligent about taking care of and properly shielding her complexion. “My skin-care routine has gotten more and more complicated as I get older,” she says with a laugh. Today, Moore walks us through her daily routine, from softening fine lines to executing her foolproof brow technique.

Moore, who stars in the thriller Sharper, out February 10, starts with Cetaphil’s cleanser—a formula that goes with her everywhere, despite a busy travel schedule. Instead of a traditional washcloth, she massages in the cleanser with a mesh Sasawashi towel for gentle exfoliation. “Don’t rub too hard,” she instructs. Next, before applying Revision Skincare’s firming neck cream, Moore layers on several wrinkle-reducing and skin-protecting serums by Biologique Recherche, iS Clinical, and Environ. She follows that sequence morning and night (minus the vitamin C serum), along with radio-frequency treatments to keep her skin balanced. Next, she taps on eye cream, performs a face massage via Jillian Dempsey’s vibrating bar, and rounds out skin care with Bioré’s hydrating SPF. 

With skin prepped, it’s time for makeup. “I don’t like a lot of coverage; I like to be able to see the freckles in my skin and color in my skin as well,” she says. To achieve this effect, she blends in Hourglass’s light-diffusing foundation before switching to its crease-resistant concealer—dotting on the formula with her fingers just below her eye socket. “This is also an area that used to bother me a lot when I was younger, and it bothers me less now.” After a light dusting of powder, she whips out Anastasia Beverly Hill’s beloved brow pencil to shape her arches. (Pro tip: Rest your pinky on your nose to etch with a steady hand and add some foundation to diffuse harsh lines.) An eyelash curler, coat of mascara, and bronze-y eyeshadow pigment then accentuate her eyes. In contrast, her cheeks and lips receive a rosy flush of color courtesy of two multipurpose blush pigments. “People always think that redheads look great in peaches and oranges; personally, I think we don’t, so I like things that are pinker or like a plum and generally something pretty sheer,” she expresses.

Typically, Moore would stop here for daytime wear, but she adds a swipe of vibrant red lipstick to amp things up for nighttime. Then, with a zhuzh of the hair, she’s on her way in perennially glamorous fashion. 

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