Few beauty tools offer as excellent lifting benefits as the best gua sha tools. “The literal gua sha Mandarin translation is ‘to scrape sand,’” explains Lin Chen, cofounder of Pink Moon. “Gua sha tools have been used as a unique approach for holistic healing in China for 4,000 years. It has been traditionally used over the body to help aid in the movement of qi (which is energy flow), increase circulation, and release tension.” That said, Chen continues saying that research has shown that the practice was first used in the Paleolithic Ages, dating back to the Ming dynasty in China. 

What are the benefits of incorporating a gua sha tool?

“While its popularity in the US and Europe is largely tied to its ability to ‘sculpt’ the face, its healing capabilities extend far deeper!” Chen instructs, explaining that the gua sha is used for lymphatic drainage, addressing stagnant energy, promoting blood flow, soothing headaches, reducing inflammation, shortening acute illnesses like colds and flus, as well as releasing tension from head to toe. Daily gua sha practice has the ability to enhance not only your appearance (think reduced puffiness, contoured facial muscles, and improved skin elasticity), but your mental and emotional well-being. Just think of how calming it is to glide a roller or stone across your skin. What’s more, Chen says you can expect results instantly, though you should continue to use daily. 

How to Use a Gua Sha Tool

So you’re ready to try the restorative practice at home. Aside from the tool you choose, a proper technique is key to reap the anticipated benefits. Always start with clean skin, then prep with an emollient face oil or balm. “You also want to apply an oil that’s silky and doesn’t absorb right away or you might tug your skin,” Chen advises. With skin ready, keep the stone as flat and close to the skin as possible, gliding at a 15 degree angle to avoid any unnecessary friction. According to Chen, you’ll want to avoid passing over active breakouts, even if you just target the chest and neck to increase circulation and decrease inflammation. Perform slow strokes, for about three to five passes, and you’re all set.

Here, the best gua sha tools to complete your practice from Pink Moon, Lanshin, Yina, FaceGym, and more. 

For Beginners: Pink Moon Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Tool

Think of Pink Moon’s tool as the ultimate stone for beginners, as its heart shape means it’s versatile and easy to travel with. “I specifically chose rose quartz for the gua sha tool because it has a cooling effect that helps to immediately soothe inflammations and reduce puffiness,” says Chen. “It stays cool so you don’t need to keep in the fridge.” 

Wildling Empress Stone


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