Whew, a lot happening this week. The word in the Vogue offices is that we’re finally seeing the post-Covid fashion shake-up that seemed inevitable, a new landscape is forming, the luxury house tectonic plates are shifting! Maybe we’re exaggerating a bit, but the announcement that Alessandro Michele would be leaving Gucci, after almost 8 years reinventing the brand and 20 years working for the brand, sent the fashion world into a tizzy of nostalgia and curiosity about what next chapter this would augur.

As the year comes to a close, it also got us thinking about what new appointments are coming in the beginning of 2023 with Gucci, Burberry, Louis Vuitton Mens all bringing in new creative directors. On that subject, Bottega Veneta designer Matthieu Blazy sits down with Chioma to talk about how he is reimagining the brand on his own terms, a great example of fashion’s next guard.

We also get very heated discussing the deeply weird Balenciaga controversy (for those of you who don’t use the internet: it has to do with an ad campaign, teddy bears dressed in bondage and some unfortunately placed SCOTUS documents). I gush about the behind the scenes of writing about Naomi Biden’s big White House Wedding, from the perfect Ralph Lauren Grace Kelly-esque dress to the press corp meltdown that followed. 

And, of course, big breaking news, Pete Davidson and Emily Ratajowski confirmed their relationship rumors with their courtside New York Knicks appearance–basically tantamount to a New York Times Vows column as far as a definitive relationship announcement. So Chioma and I wonder, what is the magical Pete factor that draws every leading lady in the celebrity-scape? 

Last week published an article on new senate spouse Gisele Fetterman’s $12 thrifted dress that she wore to her first day on Capitol Hill. The piece went viral and we decided we needed to talk to the former Second Lady of Pennsylvania–self-christened SLOP–about her unconventional political spouse style, her commitment to wearing 90% thrifted or recycled clothes and the experience of helping her husband recover from a stroke while campaigning for pivotal senatorial race.

All this on this week’s episode, run don’t walk to The Run Through.

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