In June 1981, four months after announcing her engagement to Prince Charles, Lady Diana Spencer attended a polo match in a distinctive sweater by Warm & Wonderful. It was red and featured a pattern of all-white sheep—except for one, which was black and positioned smack dab in the middle. Infatuated photographers (a public appearance by the 19-year-old Diana was quite rare) snapped away at the future princess. The next day, she and her sheep sweater were splashed across newspaper front pages around the world. Even though Diana made hundreds more public appearances in hundreds more outfits throughout her life, the sheep sweater remained one of her most memorable—and most iconic—looks.

And now, it could be yours.

Today, Sotheby’s announced the sweater is up for auction in their Inaugural Fashion Icons Sale. It’s estimated to fetch from $50,000 to $80,000 dollars when it goes up on the block this September. “By combining high-end designer pieces with more attainable everyday apparel, Diana’s style led to a wave of imitation and admiration—which remains steadfast to this day—leaving an indelible mark on the fashion world and solidifying the princess as an icon in fashion history,” says Cynthia Houlton, Sotheby’s global head of fashion and accessories. “This exceptional garment, meticulously preserved, carries the whispers of Princess Diana’s grace, charm, and her keen eye for fashion.”

Warm & Wonderful Diana Edition sheep sweater


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