There is a universal pressure that comes with repeating a first-time success. For Scott Ramon Seguro Mescudi, this was not an issue. Best known as Kid Cudi, the high-achieving music artist, occasional actor, and avid designer insists that his sophomore ready-to-wear collection actually proved an easier exercise—largely because he had so many ideas underway, but also because he’s taking the long view.

“I didn’t just become good at music overnight. I busted my ass years before anyone knew who I was. With this collection, it’s been a relief,” Mescudi told Vogue on the final day of men’s fashion week in Paris. “It really feels we are on to something… but it took some time to feel that way, that this is a real fucking thing.”

As a refresh, his clothing brand is called Members of the Rage, and it exists in its own psychedelic niche of fashion streetwear—oozing bright colors, grunge nostalgia, and animation-inspired futurism, all with a soupçon of hip-hop swagger. In January, he debuted this vision within a vivid showroom installation at the Paris offices of 247, the Italian collaborators who oversee production and distribution. For spring ’24, the bold backdrop returned (apparently, a version of his home closet!); only now, the lineup appeared more streamlined.

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