How does Michaela Coel—creator of Chewing Gum and I May Destroy You, BAFTA and Emmy winner, and author of Misfits: A Personal Manifesto—mark the momentous occasion of appearing on the cover of U.S. Vogue? You might be picturing Champagne and caviar, but Coel is more low-key than that, opting instead to gather her best friends (“my day ones,” as she describes them) for a home-cooked meal. “They asked me how I wanted to celebrate, and I thought, Why not cook food, eat it, and play games?” says Coel, showing off a combination of kontomire stew and egusi soup that she calls “Nigeria meets Ghana.”

It was Coel who pitched Ghana, her parents’ birthplace, as the location for her Vogue cover, and her friends press her to stop and take pride in that. “I’m one of those people that generally doesn’t process big events,” admits Coel, laughingly attributing her aversion to praise to being British and Ghanaian: “They’re both cultures that refuse compliments, so I can’t take the flowers that you’re trying to give me.”

After a post-cooking outfit change, it’s time for Coel to sit down with her longtime pals and get game night going. The conversation flows easily into a semi-roast, with Coel lovingly calling one of her friends out for wearing “the kind of African beads you buy from Amazon dot com” when they first met at drama school. Coel and her girlfriends then take a moment to revel in the significance of girls who look like them seeing Coel in Vogue before sentiment is dispensed with and a game of Snake Eyes commences. As the dice is tossed, it’s clear the night is far from over.

Director: Olivia Lifungula
DP: Karol Jurga
Editor: Robby Massey
Production Company: The Little Digital
Executive Producers: Emily McDonald, Samantha Crossley
Producer: Hannah Wainwright
Assistant Director: Eno Enefiok
Production Manager: Stephanie Lawley
First AC: Andreea Gruiniou
Second AC:  Dan Howe
Grip: Alex Hudson
DIT: Elliott Chyi
Sound Operator: Rowena Coleman
Gaffer: Abi Hurcomb
Spark: Tanya Ringer
Lighting Trainee: Klaudia Borbely
Stylist: Jeanie Annan-Lewin
Stylist Assistants: Julie Veitch, Rebecca Evans-White
Tailor: Della George
Makeup Artist: Bernicia Boateng
Hairstylist: Joy Matashi
Art Director: Jade Adeyemi
Art Assistants: Matty Mancey, Charlotte Taylor
Food Stylist: Nyasha Haukozi-Jones
Runner: Brian Githiomi
Assistant Editor: Justin Symonds
Postproduction Coordinator: Jovan James
Colorist:  Alexia Salaingaros
Supervising Editor: Kameron Key
Postproduction Supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi
Graphics Supervisor: Ross Rackin
Motion Designers: Fintan Rowan Mason, Léa Kichler 
Production Coordinator, Vogue: Ava Kashar
Production Manager, Vogue: Kit Fogarty
Line Producer, Vogue: Romeeka Powell
Senior Director, Production Management, Vogue: Jessica Schier
Entertainment Director, Vogue: Sergio Kletnoy
Senior Producer, Vogue: Jordin Rocchi
Associate Director, Creative Development, Vogue: Billie JD Porter
Director of Content, Production, Vogue: Rahel Gebreyes
Senior Director, Programming, Vogue: Linda Gittleson
Executive Producer: Ruhiya Nuruddin
VP, Digital Video English, Vogue: Thespena Guatieri

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