“You know, when you ask these questions, I always feel like whatever I say is going to happen…so I have to think really, really hard about what my answer is going to be,” Sydney Sweeney tells me when I ask her what she’s hoping to manifest for 2023—and beyond!—from her apartment in Rome. She’s in Italy for the pre-production of Immaculate, a psychological horror film she’s not only starring in but producing. Last year was Sweeney’s biggest yet, bringing her double Emmy nominations for her roles in Euphoria and The White Lotus, and the new year is already promising to deliver. In fact, she’s ringing it in with a major announcement: She’s the face of Armani Beauty’s new My Way perfume, launching later this month, which is a milestone for the 25-year-old star in more ways than one.

“It actually was a dream of my makeup artist [Melissa Hernandez] and me to work with Armani; since day one, we always said that was our dream,” says Sweeney, who has worked with Hernandez for six years. “My makeup journey was really rough until I met her—she changed my life.” The first product Hernandez introduced her to was Armani’s iconic Luminous Silk Foundation, which she’s worn ever since that fateful day. “I stopped breaking out from makeup because of it, and I started experimenting with more Armani products,” she explains. As a longtime fan of the brand, it’s still setting in that Sweeney is working with them—and will be one of those big faces at the airport she used to see flying out of her hometown of Spokane, Washington. The ultimate pinch-me happened while she was filming the campaign video in a secret location. (She later reveals it was Morocco after asking the Armani team if she’s allowed to say so, laughing, “I feel like my whole life has slowly become an NDA; I never know what I can say or not”). On the first day of the shoot, Sweeney and Hernandez caught eyes, and both began tearing up. It was symbolic of how far they’d come together. 

Armani Beauty My Way Parfum


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