The most exciting athletic event of the year is here, but if you, like me, couldn’t name a football player to save your own life, I have good news for you. Sunday’s Super Bowl isn’t just for sports nerds; it’s also for people who enjoy lavishly produced and celebrity-studded commercials—which is pretty much everyone, right? (Also, hot tip for those who truly can’t stomach the football of it all: Thanks to a beautiful little thing called counter-programming, networks not showing the Super Bowl will often play romantic comedies all night. You’re welcome.)

In this modern age, there’s no reason you should have to tune in to the actual game to watch the best commercials from Super Bowl LVII. To that end, we’ve rounded up our favorites below.

J. Lo and Ben’s Dunkin love was made official

Ben Affleck played on his well-documented love for DD in an ad for the iconic donut company, manning a drive-thru window in his home state of Massachusetts—but it was his wife’s reaction to the gig that really landed the joke.

Bradley Cooper and his mom broke character

The 48-year-old actor and his real-life mother, Gloria Campano, couldn’t stop cracking up in this ad for T-Mobile’s 5G services, and it was more charming than any scripted moment ever could have been.

Cher Horowitz is back

I didn’t know how badly I needed to see Alicia Silverstone on my screen in her iconic role from Clueless again until I witnessed her popping her gum in a plaid skirt set for a Rakuten ad, but now I’m going to need a reboot immediately. Get on it, Amy Heckerling!

Anna Faris as Eve (yes, the biblical one)

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This Kia Telluride ad featuring a child’s lost binky doesn’t have any star power behind it, but parents and caregivers will certainly relate to the panic of trying to find a beloved misplaced item before all hell breaks loose on the home front.

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