Summer colors, for the most part, fall under the category of stark whites and ocean blues. Yet at Seaview, Robert McKinley of Studio Robert McKinley’s newest project in Montauk, the designer decided to go beyond the aesthetically obvious. Instead, the interiors are dominated by simple clean lines, painted cream floors, white shiplap walls, submarine yellow books, and maroon upholstery, whose moody hue feels like the one that inspired the old sailor’s adage: “red sky in the morning, sailor take warning.” If you needed any further proof that this wasn’t your basic beach house, in the corner of the living room is a Joe Colombo “Tube” chair from the late 1960s, purchased in Italy.

Nicole Franzen

An added bonus? Not only is Seaview available to rent, everything in it is shoppable and available for purchase. Now, you can take your vacation home with you.

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