As Men’s Fashion Month kicks off, the runway is not only bringing attention to the clothes of the season, but the assemblage of immaculately-groomed faces modeling them. Make no mistake, a surplus of blessed genetics are at play (models, right?!), but there are other factors behind their glowing complexions and sculpted features. The fact is radiant, healthy-looking skin and natural-looking makeup—which many individuals across the gender spectrum aspire to as a base step for presenting themselves to the world—requires diligence and a stable of basic products and techniques. Here, a quick and dirty guide to a few beauty basics for men, from skin care to perfecting the no-makeup makeup look.

Cleanse, Moisturize—Repeat

For cosmetic chemist and founder of BeautyStat Ron Robinson, skin care is the most essential component of a men’s grooming routine in that it promotes a healthy-looking complexion and lays the groundwork for a clean, smooth shave. Of course, it all begins with a solid facial cleanser that’s tailored to your needs. “If you are acne or ingrown hair prone, use a facial cleanser that is geared to help with those concerns,” instructs Robinson, adding that washing your face also helps prime and soften facial hair before shaving. As for how often, twice daily is the rule of thumb—especially in this time. “Given that we are wearing masks these days, cleansing morning and night is recommended to remove the build up of sweat, oil, and dirt.” The next step is to apply moisturizer to lock in hydration and shield the skin with a nourishing, protective layer. Backstage at the Dior Men, makeup artist Peter Philips will always supercharge and plumped skin with Dior Capture Crème moisturizer, and add drops of Capture Total serum to extra thirsty dry patches. While Philips, and other skin-care brands, such as Brad Pitt’s science-meets-nature line Le Domaine, emphasize that products can be gender-neutral, there are differences in skin needs. One example is how vigorously and often you should exfoliate. “Men have thicker skin, so they can tolerate more exfoliation than women,” says Robinson. “But they too should not overdo it.” In that vein, two to three times a week is plenty, whether opting for a gentle physical or chemical exfoliator.

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