There’s no denying the memory-evoking, confidence-boosting power of any characteristic scent, but it is the best-selling perfumes and colognes that leave a lasting impression year after year. Think Chanel No. 5 or the abundantly floral Miss Dior. But what allows these extraordinary scents to stand the test of time in an ever evolving fragrance marketplace?

“A classic fragrance is a work of art that is both distinctive and enduring, and as trends change and new technologies and raw materials are discovered, it continuously maintains appeal to a wide range of consumers,” explains Kate Oldham, SVP, GMM of beauty, jewelry, and home at Saks Fifth Avenue. And Oldham emphasizes how with this timeless charm, scents are less bound by traditional gender classifications (for example, perfumes for women or colognes for men), but rather the connections and feelings associated with them. Sarah Brown, executive director of Violet Grey’s Violet Lab, agrees. “It has to be recognizable and become someone’s signature, which is really the greatest achievement,” says Brown of what makes a fragrance truly timeless. “You know it when you see it…or rather smell it.”  

Here, Vogue has tapped four beauty leads from our favorite retailers to answer the question: What are the best-selling perfumes that never go out of style? From Dior Sauvage to Costa Brazil’s Aroma, find their picks below. 

Meet The Experts

Sarah Brown, executive director at Violet Lab, Violet GreyKate Oldham, SVP, GMM beauty, jewelry, and home at Saks Fifth AvenueMelinda Solares, beauty director at Sephora Autumne West, national beauty director at Nordstrom

Creed Aventus

Both Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstrom name-check Aventus by Creed as a tried-and-true favorite. In fact, Oldham calls it “universally beloved,” while West deems it potentially one of the sexiest-smelling scents on the market. “There is a multitude of layers to discover that keeps you guessing and wanting to lean in for its addicting scent,” says West. “Bergamot, berries, jasmine, and oak moss are among the 12-plus notes infused in this cologne.” 

Vyrao Witchy Woo Eau De Parfum


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