Anna Sorokin, a.k.a. Anna Delvey, spent a lot of time writing while she served her nearly four-year sentence for grand larceny. Now that she is out of jail but under house arrest, she is working to edit her many drafts, diaries, and notes into a book. She explained this to Chioma Nnadi and me when we visited her new home—a one-bedroom East Village rental that she is only allowed to leave once a week to visit her parole officer—on the latest episode of The Run Through.

In addition to a print subscription to The Wall Street Journal and various international editions of Vogue, Delvey displayed twin stacks of books on the floor in lieu of a bookshelf. She’s an eager reader, though she says it was easier to find time for books in prison, where she could better “manage and control my distractions.”

Any Given Tuesday: A Political Love Story


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