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I am Ranjeet here. It’s my pleasure to share my opinion to the readers through this website about the power of natural herbs and foods available almost in every kitchen. I have been suffering form type-2 diabetes from 2014 and able to manage it by diet and by some herbal supplements. Now I am 100% fit with abstaining from some diets. Suffering from diabetes has proven very beneficial for me. It has taught me lot of lessons on how to live and enjoy the life. Every post in this site in my own opinion based on my practical experience on related products.

I have gone through lots of studies about herbal supplements and foods on how can you manage yourself to live a healthy life. Being contact with some Ayurveda and diet plan experts, I came to know the natural power of heeling of different herbs and foods if they are taken in right amount on right time. I always try to focus on root cause and not simply repairing a part for a short term solution. Though diabetes may occur due to lots of reasons, the ultimate cause of my diabetes was overweight. First of all I focused on the main reasons of overweight and tried to fix it. I saw very good result. Reducing fat from body is not a big issue but it is hard to maintain this for rest of your life. And this is possible only when you change your life style to a great extent.

I have tried my best to provide a real and proven information on this site. Even though it may be some possibilities for some mistakes to occur due to not being a perfect writer in English. In this site I have used some affiliate links to guide you to get best quality of product online for which I may earn some penny as a return of the hard work to set up this site.  I have not been given any free product, services or anything else by the companies in exchange for mentioning them on this site. The only consideration is in the form of affiliate commissions or compensation from few companies. Also please note if you buy any product through this site, the price of the product will remain same and real. It does not affect the real product price anyway.

You have any further query you can write to me at info(at)healthleg(dot)com.

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